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VaporLung 12-26-2010 11:39 PM

Gotta love this snow!
Okay, maybe not... (Well sorta) Its kind of a mixed blessing.

The good:
-I work for the schools and this is my 'Xmas Vacation time' so there are no snow days that are going to have to be made up as a result of this abundance of snow.
-My daughter is LOVING the fact that she just got over being sick, cause now she can go and work up a sickness all over again in by playing in the snow.
-Its pretty much just in time given the season this year.

The Bad:
-Drivers who make bad decisions behind the wheel to begin with, have the variable of snow to deal with now.
-Even if I wanted to, I cant get out of my driveway.
-My Xmas gift that I have been planning for months in advance is looking at being postponed (we were going to head up to Dover Downs for a few days)

The Ugly:
-I had to shovel a path of sorts in my driveway just in case we got frisky and wanted to make an attempt at heading out anyway.
-I dont shovel snow... Im from the desert originally.
-Its flippin cold. The snow is pretty but Im ready for it to go home now.

FarmerRyan 01-10-2011 10:59 AM

I love the snow! My Jeeps are a blast to get out and roam around the farm in.

People certainly don't know how to handle the snow around here, wish they'd just stay at home. Just because you have 4-wheel drive does not mean you should, or know how to use it! 4-wheel drive does not help you stop, only get going!

VaporLung 01-10-2011 01:27 PM

LOL Isnt that the truth?

I mean, IMO Virginia has some of the WORST drivers (yes, there are exceptions however...)

The Hampton Roads area is one of the largest concentration of military folk in the world. Usually being in the military means that you came from another state. Combine the bad driving habits of all of those other states and VOILA! You have us! :)

Then again, when I go back 'home' to visit, Im reminded how bad the native drivers are there! :)

Good thing I dont have a big bad 4x4 in my driveway. I then might be half tempted to brave some of the nasty weather conditions.

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