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bedabun 10-09-2007 10:58 AM

Jude Prather
great we have another property management guy trying to run for office. i thought they would learn after Ian Skiles got defeated so bad?

semi-native 10-09-2007 11:03 AM

Actually, he's harder to figure out than that.

It would be nice to know his positions on a number of issues. I see from his website that he is in favor of bringing jobs to San Marcos, which I think we would all like. I'm not sure what his plan would be, though.

I'd be interested to hear how he would approach the Sagewood issue (which is actually much larger than Sagewood) too.

Maybe we could get the candidates on here.

bedabun 10-09-2007 11:38 AM

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to me a property management guy running for office has bad news written all over it.

he's the guy on the left ...

semi-native 10-09-2007 02:48 PM

I know who he is. I've met him at City Council meetings. I have not had an opportunity to get debriefed on his positions, though.

I'm not sure how the picture helps me decide whether or not to vote for him.

I am also leery of property management people, but I am not going to rule someone out based on their job at 25.

My gut feeling is that he is working toward a career in politics and paying his way through school by doing lawn care and property management, both of which (lawn care and property management) I did when I was in college. No big deal there.

I'm more concerned with the career politician vibe and whether he is trying to build a better San Marcos or a better resume.

As I said before, it would be nice to hear his position on some issues.

A2 10-09-2007 08:11 PM

is that the dude who is AGAINST skatepark funding ?

There was an article in last weeks Univ. that the guy?

semi-native 10-10-2007 08:01 AM

It could be. He thinks the city is wasting money all over the place, from what I can tell.

I found his website, but there is little info there.

DanMartian 10-10-2007 01:35 PM

I'm not too sure where Jude stands on most of the issues, either and that includes this Sagewood fiasco. I am not surprised that the property managment/real estate concerns are running another candidate, which they seem to do each election. Sometimes it's hard to tell who they are running.

Fiscal responsibility and job development always sound good until you look at the specifics. Do consider this: Jude will probably be another vote FOR the mayor's agenda... I'm not sure how good of an idea that is, but I suppose it depends on if you want more of the status quo (e.g .low paying, light industry jobs and developers getting their way).

I'm also wondering how wise it is to have another soon-to-be career politician looking to advance his civilian career on the council. They get lured over to the dark side too easily, assuming that they aren't already there...

Just sayin...

eljefe 10-10-2007 04:26 PM

his web site is useless.
He needs to get someone to copy edit his web site:
"- Why is San Marcos unable to work with Texas State University, to build technology and professional industries that can help pull many neighbors out of property?"

'...pull many neighbors out of property?' Huh? Can someone explain that to me?

Also, what does he mean by "quality neighbors"? It sounds vaguely classist or racist to me. I'm hoping that's not how he means it.

I don't trust property management companies to care about the quality of life in any town. All the ones I've dealt with have been slum-lords.

Builders are going elsewhere because, well, Kyle and Buda are closer to Austin. As gas goes up and the dollar tanks, outlying areas get projects dropped first. We are in no-mans-land between Austin and San Antonio, and that is one of the reasons it's still nice to live here. Do we really want a bunch of bland tract homes?

He sounds like he's a naive Republican.

bedabun 10-16-2007 12:48 PM

i will def. be spreading the word to my friends and neighbors not to vote for him. he does not seem like a person who has san marcos in his interests and i don't see anything from him on actual stances on issues and how he will solve them. just lip service of issues that effect us.

bose has my vote

eljefe 10-16-2007 07:42 PM

I'm just saying that his website doesn't give any insight into what his stance on any issue is. I think his lack of commitment on the issues and poor editing of his website make it seem like he isn't actually serious. For what it's worth, he's done a little editing on the site. It's "...pull neighbors out of poverty." Makes much more sense. He doesn't give much more insight into his core beliefs are, but at least he isn't saying he "doesn't have the answers" anymore. Just give me a position statement on something. We are all worried about quality of life, the city budget, and smart growth of the community.

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