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WillyBlanks 12-28-2010 11:38 PM

Favorite Place to find Quality Beer for sale?
I have found that many good beers can be consistently found in places that you would not otherwise expect. What I have found is that the Yoke's on Argonne and the Fred Meyer on Sullivan consistently provide quality beers in both six-packs and 22ounce bombers. I have friends that visit from the Seattle area and state that both of these stores provide a selection that is seen at specialty stores on the Westside of the state. Others would be Bottles on Argonne-great selection, alot of wine as well, but kinda pricey; Jim's Homebrew shop on Division is kinda lacking and overpriced, decent homebrew shop though. Any others anyone has seen? Always looking for a different selection to find good beer to drink between homebrews.


Thetimotin 12-29-2010 12:39 PM

The Rosauers on Sprague and University has one of the best beer selections in a grocery store that I have been too. Lot's of single bottles from some good microbreweries, lots of bombers, and a good selection of regular sixers too.

If I'm looking for something special though, I usually run out to Enoteca in Post Falls. They have an incredible wine and beer selection, and both Russell and his wife Sarah are very knowledgeable about both wine and beer. The beer you get there is uaually a little more expensive than what you will find at Bottles, or the rocket bakery on the south hill, but the service and knowledge is well worth the drive and few extra bucks. They also hold beer and wine tastings regularly which are a ton of fun and pretty affordable.

jmarks99 01-17-2011 09:09 PM

Don't know if it is still there or not downtown I used to frequent a little beer store somewhere around Main and Howard. Just about any import you could imagine and none of this 3.2 crap.

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