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Aharold 01-28-2011 10:42 AM

New Home Brew Club
Hey all,

My name is Adam and I currently live in Melrose. I was looking for a local home brew club but the closest is in Boston. While it only takes me 10 minutes or so to drive to Boston I would rather have something "more" local. Is anyone interested in helping me set up a new club in the Melrose area? You don't have to be from that area, maybe you just work there and it would be easier for you. Anyone who lives in Melrose or any of the surrounding areas please reach out to me and let me know if you would like to be a founding Father (or Mother) of the newest home brew club. My email is


Golddiggie 02-08-2011 11:28 PM

There is the Boston HomeBrewers Meetup group you know...

I joined that a little while back (not too long ago since I started brewing back in November of 2010)... So far I've hosted a few brew days (3 to date) with another coming up this Sunday.

I wouldn't mind forming a more solid group with fellow brewers. A group that can get together with some regularity and brew, sample brews, or maybe organize some functions/events for us to go on... I know of one fellow brewer that has also expressed some interest in such things. He's the only person to come to two of my brew-days (I also went to the first one he hosted, just a couple of weekends back)...

Both of us are all-grain brewers. He uses a converted cooler as a MLT, where I use the BiaB (Brew in a Bag) method. We're also going to be brewing at the Strange Brew sponsored event at the end of this month... That's out at Strange Brew's location in Marlboro...

If you want to come out for the Sunday brew-day let me know... Or join the Meetup group and RSVP for the day...

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