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Beto 04-14-2008 10:02 AM

Wine Cellar
I've been to the wine cellar four times now for supper and twice for lunch since they moved to the new location. I am pleased that the whole menu is available now, and not just certain sections of the menu at certain times. But I think Brian still has a long way to go to train his kitchen staff to get his food out in a timely manner. The wait staff is adequately trained... just adequate. It would be nice if some of them were more informed about the wines, or knew how to open a bottle of wine without asking for help. I enjoy the atmosphere of the eating area and the bar. And the food is really pretty good, for the most part. But the kitchen has really slowed down the whole dining experience more than once. Especially if you want to order several appetizers/tapas in a series - we have had no good luck in timing. Even when we kept the wine flowing, we still noticed how slow things went.
I wish the Wine Cellar better luck, and look forward to trying them again in a few more months.

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