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climberjohn 02-01-2011 09:57 PM

New Market, VA
Was on my way back home to New Brunswick Canada from Nashville. Stopped at a wonderful town for a bite and a stretch, I believe the town was called New Market. I remember the meal. "Steak for two", wow what a meal. Population was around the same as my home town and the people were just as friendly. Do I have the town right? If so what would we expect for weather this time of year. Would like to get out of the five feet of snow, and we find the heat in Florida a bit much.

VaporLung 02-02-2011 06:39 AM

Hmmmm, Im not originally from here but I have lived here long enough to know that neat little places like this DO still exist around here. (And it looks like you may have found one of them!)

I went online and started poking around for more info on this place and voila! Its a part of Shenandoah County which also holds a handful of other cities as well - New Market, Strasburg, Toms Brook, Woodstock, Edinburg, and Mt. Jackson.

Now that I see some of the names of these places, the memories of 'just passing through' are starting to come back. Very nice quaint little towns with relatively small populaces. I think you might have found a hidden treasure :)

Ahh, and as far as weather is concerned. I would imagine that its still 'cold' but nowhere near 5' of snow cold up there. Maybe 'frost on the windows' cold instead :)

Here is their very own website for the town (even cooler is a 'General' job application - dont see that one everyday)

climberjohn 02-04-2011 12:16 AM

Frost on the windows. sounds about what I'm looking for. Thanks for the web site.

climberjohn 02-04-2011 12:20 AM

Not all of us Canuks like the heat. Some of us enjoy friendly places much more.

l1ranger 02-21-2011 01:11 PM

february weather varies from heavy snow to sunny and in the 70's.

last week we had several days in the 60s and 70s with lows in the 40s, but it looks like we may be getting a couple inches of snow tonight and tomorrow.

5' of snow though, not likely. last year was the worst winter I can remember and we had to 30 to 35" snowfalls, but it all melts away within a couple weeks generally

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