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philby 07-21-2008 06:07 PM

When Hippies Ruled The Earth
Does anyone out there remember those halcyon days of yesteryear when San Marcos was in it's prime and hippies ruled the earth? I'd bracket that era as 69-78, but that's debatable. Rents were dirt cheap, weed was $10 an ounce (and not as weak as the MSM would have you believe), and smoked openly everywhere (cosmic corner on campus). Playboy listed SWT in the top 3 campuses for beautiful women 3 years in a row. The Weather Report was the local "underground" paper. The university president was forced to resign. The dean of students was removed from office. MDH ran for sheriff on "the mushroom party platform". CM was the cutest and smartest student body president any school could ever have. All the great restaurants sprang up then (not to say that Blue Goat Gourmet and Cool Mint Cafe are not worthy). Some of them have disappeared, Mosscliff and more recently Rivendell. It would be interesting to hear what you have heard about that era even if you weren't around then.

spud lumpkin 07-22-2008 09:47 AM

I see you borrowed my "when hippies ruled the earth" idea from the Rivendell thread. Fair dinkum. Dates are about right. Before the hippie era SWT was a s***kicker school. First hippie I saw in town was 66 or 67, by 70 they had taken over.

philby 07-22-2008 12:45 PM

Are you having trouble posting a reply? I have to try three or four times. I keep getting a "you are not authorized.." "log in" when I'm logged in. Hell, you can't even type a reply until you're logged in. Hit the post quick reply and get the above mentioned message. This could explain the lack of activity on this forum. You could get totally exasperated.

spud lumpkin 07-22-2008 01:02 PM

Yep, samey same. Don't know if it's a site, server or internet problem. Psychobilly Gates has launched an attack on his own XP operating system to retaliate for the world rejecting his screwed up Vista system. Causing all sorts of problems. The MSM won't talk about it because they've made him a god and he's got so much friggin money. The man is totally looney. Which reminds me, Snakeman was sighted recently at Rivendell. Apparently he was pissed it was closed and was banging on the door. Damn right, Re-Open Rivendell !!!

pythonlee 07-23-2008 04:14 PM

Hippie Haven
Hey, you boys have gotten a little off topic there. San Marcos town was a real hippie haven in the 1970's. The rednecks smoked dope. The frat boys smoked. Damn near every frat had a resident dealer. Anyone remember Roach? I'd say it was damn near paradise from 70 to 75. Slow downhill since then. First rule of paradise is that it can't be crowded. Hell, four or five people who were here then should be able to fill in most of what went on. I guess some things would be best left out like who the narcs were (several are still around who set up a lot of innocent people so they could make money - they were paid per conviction). Let's see how it goes and how far they will let us go. Onward, thru the fog.

spud lumpkin 07-24-2008 02:01 PM

SM in the 60's - Hell for Hippies
Yes boys and girls SWT was a kicker school in the 60's. SM town was redneck. The cops, DA and judges were bound and determined to save the world and nip the hippie revolution in the bud. Weren't many longhairs until 68 or 9. The cops were out to bust every one of them. Getting busted was a guaranteed conviction. If they didn't find weed, they planted some on you (always in a matchbox). There were at least two freelance narcs setting people up for fun and profit. At one party about 60 people were busted, all went to prison. Some of them had never touched drugs. Didn't matter, the drug warriors were on a roll and they believed they were infallable (still do). Despite the harassment the hippies kept coming to SWT. By the fall of 70 most of the kickers were gone and the hippie era was upon us. Veterans on the GI bill poured into town. Most of them smoked weed. Now it was getting a little dicey for the cops. You going to try busting combat veterans? Fortunately for them attitudes toward weed were changing nationwide and decriminalization was in the air. The dawn of the first golden era of San Marcos was upon us. Hell was over, hippies ruled the earth.

marilee 08-17-2008 02:57 PM

Best Mexican Food In Town When Hippies Ruled The World
I'll bet you could get a lot more hits on this thread if you renamed it - Best Mexican Food In Town When Hippies Ruled The Earth. Seems like this is a "where to eat" forum. Not what I'd expect in a college town. Maybe they all have the munchies

toerontoe 08-20-2008 02:07 PM

When Herbert's Ruled the Earth
Easy answer, Herbert's. In it's prime it was beyond compare and being stoned certainly enhanced the culinery experience. Pic-a-taco wasn't bad but was definitely outdone by Herbert's from the start. Before Herbert's, Pic-a fight (taco) was #1, although sometimes dangerous for long hairs if cowboys were around. Hence the nickname. And make no mistake, from 70-80 San Marcos was a hippie town and a better one than Austin or Ann Arbor. SM had more purist hippies than most places. They (we) smoked weed and did occasional psychadelics but didn't drink, do downers, speed or cocaine. There got to be lot of beer drinking dope smokers in the late 70's but they were never what I'd call hippies.

philby 08-20-2008 07:35 PM

Radio Kaos
I was just cursing the lack of interesting radio stations (KGSR is just too yuppie/trendy). Back in the 60's SM had KCNY, a 250 watt, sunrise to sunset station over on Uhland road. Around 68 I knew a guy who was a dj there. Someone played Mexican music in the morning, he played rock (elevators, spirit, j airplane, stones etc) and the sheriff came in and played country for the last couple of hours. They called it "the sound of San Marcos" and said "if you can see us, you can hear us", which wasn't always true. Then in 71 KRMH (103.5 now BOB FM), came on air, broadcasting from Buda. Good karma they called it and it was a perfect fit for the new era. The best radio station I ever heard. They were album oriented (AOR) and played anything if it was good. Everyone listened to Karma, frat/sorority, hippies, straights, young republicans, you name it. The music scene was at a peak; Stones were intense and degenerate, Tull was in their creative prime (Stand Up>Benefit>Aqualung), Zep ruled, F Mac (Then Play On), ZZ Top wasn't a boogie band yet (Francene- pure jailbait rock), J Winter and on and on. Real masters of rock who still tower over the fluffers of today. Now BOB FM plays oddities and things their dj thinks were big back then. The problem with satellite radio is that some idiot still has to pick the music and if they aren't familiar with it they will somehow inevitably play the worst song on an album. Being advertisement free can't cover that.

toerontoe 08-21-2008 07:18 PM

Radio Radio
Never heard KCNY, guess I was out of sight. But KRMH was kickass. Yer right, everybody listened to Karma. Don't remember which song, but the first one was by Jethro Tull. A bunch of us had heard about a new station and lit up and waited for it at midnight. FM was relatively new, at least in TX (71?), but we got it good with KRMH. They had a good long run, maybe 8-9 years before it started to slide. Speaking of music, Discovery was a pretty good record store for a while. Rock of Ages had a good name but didn't last long. Van Wilkes had a record store over near Happy Trails headshop. It didn't last long either. His prediction that he would have a record of his own in the racks did come true. Sundance Records (Bobby & Nancy?) was the primo music outlet. Still is. First place I saw import/collector albums. Damn good selection and as knowledgeable or more than French when he was at Discovery. I had a little girlfriend back in the day who said the four best restaurants in SM were Herbert's, Mosscliff, Rivendell and Sundance. She was of course referring to food for the body and the soul.

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