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LMC 09-21-2008 09:06 AM

The World United Music Conference & Festival
Marcos Texas - The World United Music Conference & Festival

_Visit The World United Music Festival_ (https://www.thewumf. com/)

_Visit The Roots Music Association_ (https://www.rootsmus icassociation. org/)

_Showcasing Performers_ (https://www.thewumf. com/index. php?page= lineup)

_Conference Registration_ (https://www.thewumf. com/index. php?page= tickets)

_Purchase Tickets To The Festival_
(https://www.thewumf. com/index. php?page= tickets)

_Become a Speaker or Panelist_ (mailto:robert@thewumf. com)

_Purchase a Vendor Space_ (https://www.thewumf. com/index. php?page= vend)

The Stage Is Set!
For San Marcos, Texas November 14-15-16, 2008.

The number one destination in the world for real radio & music industry
education and networking. The World United Radio/Membership Conference will be a premier radio and music industry networking event for radio and music industry professionals from around the globe. This event will focus the national and international radio, music industry and related press on the worldwide music market while providing a platform for musicians and artists to gain exposure and be heard by radio; most importantly attendees will be educated in the business interests of radio and the music industry.

Showcasing Artists will represent multiple genres including Roots Rock,
Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Roots/Americana Country, Tejano/Latin, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Roots Gospel, Zydeco/Cajun, World, Celtic, Western Swing, Cowboy Western, True Country, and more. Presented by Roots Music Association & The US Entertainment Force, the 2008 Music Conference promises to deliver an event like no other on the planet!

This event features 8 large outdoor stages with more than 100 showcasing
artists, once in a lifetime performance, networking and educational opportunities for both radio and music industry professionals!
In addition, the Roots Music Association will present the Roots Music Awards
on stage at the Embassy Suites/San Marcos Convention Center on Sunday from 6pm to 8pm. The Roots Music Awards are selected by the RMA membership, radio & music industry professionals. Awards will be presented onstage to Record Label of the year (Major & Indie), Radio Station of the year, Disk Jockey of theyear, A&R Person of the year, Publishing Company of the year, Record Promotion Company of the year, Artist & Album of the year, Song Writer of the year and Publicity Company of the year that have supported the following list of musical formats from around the world. A total of 120 awards will be presented.

Events will take place in multiple venues including the Embassy Suites Hotel
and the San Marcos Convention Center plus the adjoining 300+ acres of music festival fun. Vending and display booths for artists and music industry
professionals are still available on a limited basis. As always, event attendees can expect to meet with Radio Station Representatives from around the world, Film and Gaming Industry Executives, Music Publishing Directors, Music Supervisors for Film and TV, A&R Representatives,
Entertainment Attorneys plus much more. If you are a radio or music industry professional, Disk Jockey or Radio Executive and would like to participate on one of our education panels, simply reply to this email and include radio panel
in the subject line.

The 300 acre World United Music Festival portion of the event will be open to
the public daily from 12pm to 1am with a very large number of music fans
expected to attend over the 3 days. Festival Tickets are available on the World United Festival website! The World United Radio/Music Industry Conference & Music Festival promises
to deliver a totally green event like no other on the planet!

World United Music Festival
109 E Hopkins, Suite 205
San Marcos, TX 78666
Phone: (512) 392-4997
_www.worldunitedmus icfestival. com_ (https://www.worlduni tedmusicfestival .com/)

To unsubscribe click this link:
_www.rootsmusicasso unsub.php_
(https://www.rootsmus icassociation. org/unsub. php)

semi-native 11-17-2008 08:31 AM

So, is LMC connected with this debacle?

swisher 11-17-2008 10:28 AM

Unfortunate, but kind of unfair comment, don't you think Semi? If made in spirit of humor, then I give a slight chuckle.

semi-native 11-17-2008 10:46 AM

I'm serious. She started the thread, so I want to know, especially if she ever decides to run for office again.

Unregistered 11-18-2008 03:49 PM

Rude & Crude
jaysus, semi, for a "moderator", you sure are a rude and crude dude.
Your attacks on LMC have crossed the line way too many times.
Did she kick you in the man-berries or what ?

semi-native 11-18-2008 03:54 PM

There is no attack here. She started a thread about this music fest. It was a disaster. I wanted to know if she was involved.

If it had been the next Woodstock, I would have wanted to know if she was involved.

Both speak to her ability to execute (if she was involved).

I don't see anything rude about that.

Also, as a "moderator" I clear out spam and approve new posts that are moderated by the software. That's about it. I deleted a couple of unsolicited personal attacks about a user who was not even active on the board at the time, once. Other than that, I just keep the penis extender ads out. Oh yeah, occasionally I move a thread to the appropriate category.

Immis 11-18-2008 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by semi-native (Post 7758)
So, is LMC connected with this debacle?

She probably wont respond since she's probably still sitting by her phone waiting for Chris Jones to call her about an online debate !:biggrin:

That was just too easy !

urainus 11-19-2008 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by Immis (Post 7812)
She probably wont respond since she's probably still sitting by her phone waiting for Chris Jones to call her about an online debate !:biggrin:

That was just too easy !

Hey immis,:biggrin: I know what your waiting for...........................................!

swisher 11-19-2008 09:42 AM

To my knowledge, after reading all the news accounts, and some insight from locals, this debacle was squarely on the shoulders on some numbnuts guy from Cali.

urainus 11-19-2008 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by semi-native (Post 7758)
So, is LMC connected with this debacle?

Semi, you and New York ex-mayor Rudy G have something special in common, can anyone guess their similarity? Hint, it has nothing to do with politics. Lisa Marie (who had nothing to do with this project other than promote it on her own time) is planning a full investigation as to how SUSAN screwed up another good economic opportunity for San Marcos. Especially, did the city loose any tax payer money in the fallen deal? By the way does any one know how much Queen Susan spent on her campaign? :cool:

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