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Do NOT use ECA Properties!

This is pretty lengthy as I am pretty effing irate at this point. Consider this a horrible review for her company, her attitude, and her.

Evelyn Arentz out of San Antonio, Seguin, Cibilo, or Universal City. She has business addresses in all of these cities. She and her husband are THE absolute worst landlords EVER.

First, you must understand the living situation to really appreciate my frustration. This woman and her husband own a 60-acre ranch with their home on it and a 'mother-in-law' home about 20 ft from theirs. It was a nice 1bed/1bath fully furnished. You know how in the movies in-laws are portrayed to be monsters? Alright, well it felt like I lived next door to the world's most atrocious in-laws.

Now let me explain why I feel this way about them. From day one (literally) Evelyn and her husband would call us at work, while we were out of town, or even just in town doing things to complain. The day we were moving in, I had the attic opened up and the light on. She called me several times to let me know that I had left the light on. No s#$%! Mind your business. She used to call and tell me my porch light was on... at night. Thats the point, right? Maybe I didn't read the porch light manual correctly....

We were not allowed to leave our ACs running (house had 2 window units). She only wanted one running at a time as well. If I left to go to the store, I had to turn all the AC completely off! I couldn't even leave a fan running on the unit. I'd get back and it would be 95* in there sometimes! I'm not saying I want my AC on 65 when I am not home, but I'd like to keep cool are circulating so I and my child dont come home to a house thats hotter inside than out!

I paid for trash removal but if I had any of the following in my trash, I had to throw it out myself--> Food, diapers, bottles, cans, boxes, and dog poop. I understand not wanting this stuff to leak in your trash cans. But I also understand that a 24yr old and a 26yr old can tie bags off like an adult. If I can cart them around in the trunk of my car without them leaking, Im sure they would have sat pretty in her trash cans. When I moved out, she still refused to take my trash, even after living there 10 months paying for trash removal and not being allowed to use it.

They have a nice 30x20 dog pen with an 8ft chain link fence around it and two dog houses. I have two large dogs. One of them likes to dig ONE hole and lay in it to cool off. He has always done it since he was a puppy. Trust me, if they were digging to get out, they would have gotten out. I had to go fill this hole on the daily because they said my dogs were destroying their dog pen. I refuse to believe that one hole is ruining ANYTHING... except maybe a hole in your beer mug...

I was sitting on my couch one day. I heard *knock*knock*knock*knock*knock* then there was about a 5-10 second pause. It was only long enough for me to set the remote down and pick my daughter up. Then I heard *knock*knock*knock* and THE DOOR OPENED! She looked like a deer in headlights. Like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. She stammered for words for about 5 seconds and then blurted out "Oh sorry! I didn't think you were home. I was just.... checking on your dogs!" and then she closed the door. I then set up a motion activate webcam for 24/7 surveillance of my door. I have her recorded admitting to entering my home uninvited and without just cause.

When my in-laws came down from Maine (this was the first time I had met them) Evelyn explained to them that I was a dirty person. Why? Are you ready for this? Because I leave mud on my truck. It's a 4x4 old school 4Runner... why WOULDNT there be mud on her? lol. She also told them I was dirty because I leave clothes in the dryer sometimes. Speaking of that, on NUMEROUS occasions, she has opened the dryer stopping my load from drying and pulled out a handful to leave on the floor. Then she complained that it smelled of mold. Well, duh! You opened the dryer while my clothes were soaked and left them like that all night until I got home from work the next day.

On Thanksgiving she emailed us telling us we should find a new place to live (we signed our lease in August with this woman). Why? Because I left my SIBERIAN HUSKIES out in the cold all night while I slept at my father's house for the holiday. Did I mention I live in South Central Texas?!

Upon walk-thru and move out, she explained that she was charging me 25$ for every dent in the kitchen sink. Really? wouldn't that be 'normal wear and tear'? We also re-caulked the whole shower as per her request because the caulking was no longer pristine white. DUH! It's not brand new any more. She also charged me for a battery in clock that didn't ever work as long as I lived there. This proves how petty she is.

If I do not see every dime from my deposit, I am going to sue her. Plain and simple. I left that house in better condition than when I moved in and I have all the video, voice recordings, and photos to prove it. She's in for a real surprise. If she happens to google herself and find this... good. I have already left negative reviews on EVERY site her company is on.

It's war.
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