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Originally Posted by Austin View Post
Good guy here. Well at least good for my wife, we compliment each other well. I learned that you have to be complete before seeking completion in others.

If you're not happy with yourself you're not going to be happy with others.
oh--i am happy with myself--yes, i am. not too happy about what is going on in the nation---fyi.

but yes--you are correct, sir.

happy with this song----1970, iirc---happy about a lot songs and other things.

blue--true--sometimes sad sometimes the color of the sky---i like blue. very much.

a lady of September--we are true blue--loyal--'The Virgin'--perfectionistic--mysterious, complex to some--but worth the effort --worth the effort. the sapphire is my birthstone--why i have always liked blue--being born on 911--that is at least something to be happy about. lol

ducking and running like the wind---i feel like going for a walk with Josh Dylan--true blue dog---just the best dog. jmo. (((Josh Dylan))))
all i need is a man like my dog. lol.


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Originally Posted by addymiller View Post
once i was 'nicer'--but tonight i just gotta say this--

i don't like fat men

there is a good reason.


i would date a smoker before i would date an overweight man. i would date a lot of other 'less than perfect men'---but um-i just don't think i could like more intimate aspects of a relationship with a man who is too big in the middle.(1)

that tells me that the man is self-indulgent(2)---thinks well of himself with little cause. will do what he pleases and not be very concerned with what others may want or need. many times they have a lot of money--that is not what impresses me. shrug--

Hello addymiller,

I comprehend you getting a wee bit evil regarding Men, however all relationships require work ON BOTH SIDES and not always is the case in separation due specifically to one person.
It takes a minimum of 2 to make a decent relationship and brooding over what one HAD isn't a positive way to future relationships as ones negativity is glaringly apparent and usually a turn off.

(1)I like your sentence construction which can be construed 2 ways.

(2)Not all fat men are self indulgent as some are fat or oversized due to Medical reasons 1 of which is pituitary gland dysfunction.
Some fat or oversized men are also not dumb by any means and while some may be financially comfortable, some are not, like with everyone else.

There are fat or oversized Women as well and not all such Women are self indulgent or careless towards other Humans.
Some want to be BIG while some are simply LAZY and some just don't care how they appear yet sometimes land good relationships.
I'm Male and been in a Loving relationship with a Lady since latter '96 and we knew of/learning about each other for 3 years before we hooked up.
It is what it is.


All Women are Ladies till They Prove otherwise!!
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Old 11-05-2011, 09:16 AM  

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no, not men in general--just one.

Disappointed and hurt. it's nobody's problem but my own--I saw the 'good' --admired, respected him. Apparently such feelings weren't reciprocated.

Somewhere, in the vast amount of advice-given-on this-topic or maybe I came up with this myself---I wasn't an 'equal'. Nothing to challenge him, an adoring fan. Tossed away like a used tissue.

'People will forget many things but never how you made them feel.'

That is a good quote---

A person who sees no reason to apologize ---that is now a red flag to me. fwiw.
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Old 11-06-2011, 02:18 PM  

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The Clock

God doesn't give you the people you want; He gives you the people you NEED... to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you into the person you were meant to be.




from an email i received. What you do about these 'gifts'--that is the critical factor. I will reflect further. I don't know what God thinks but I prefer to be around the people who bring out my better side---become more selective about 'those who will hurt me and leave me.' I don't enjoy being 'that person'--the one who cared more.
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Originally Posted by HiHood View Post
The cream of the crop, have come through and picked us "good men" early, very few "good women" out there anymore either, all us "good men" went and got em. There's your explanation. When those who think they're good realize they ain't, they get MEAN. t'ain't for you to ponder, nor me either, stop the nit picking search and live, I mean LIVE LIFE, get out and about and enjoy whatever it is you enjoy. perhaps he'll be there for you, if not, who cares, you had fun.
Well, I turned 57 4 days after (the above) was posted. I never weighed over 178 lb and Iv'e been available for the taking for the last 5 yr's..
At this time in life, everytings reversed. Women do all the flirting and hitting on men. And yes, I do have some very attractive women (married) in their 60's hittin on me.
Now I can see why the girls had so much fun playing "hard-to-get".

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