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Old 12-09-2010, 09:35 AM  
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Cincinnati, Ohio
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Possible Relocation

My wife and I are considering a relocation in 2011 and of course San Diego is on the list, but neither of us have ever been there. We just hear stories about how perfect the weather is, but also how expensive it is too. Keep in mind, I've lived in Cincinnati my entire life, and as I typ this it's currently 17F outside. If I never saw snow again, I'd be a happy man!

We're planning a vacation/recon mission sometime in early 2011, but would love suggestions for particular areas to see and/or avoid. Money will be the deciding factor, and we're worried we won't be able to afford anything bigger than a closet. I work in IT and my wife will graduate from nursing school as an RN next June.

Any suggestions or ideas would be helpful.

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Old 12-12-2010, 01:32 AM  
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San Diego, CA
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First off, I'm assuming you came here from the homebrewtalk forums like me, based on your username. There are a lot of homebrewers in the area which means a lot of homebrew clubs. When you're out here, try to time it so you can visit one so you can visit one and get a feel for the people.

I've only lived in California (San Diego and near Sacramento) so I don't know what to compare the cost of living to, but there is definitely a wide range of housing available. Obviously the closer to the ocean you are, the more expensive. The closer to the core area of San Diego, the more expensive. The nicer areas, more expensive. I think you're right to come and scope it out. Check out redfin.com or zillow.com to see what the general house prices are, which even if you rent, roughly carries over. The public transportation here sucks, so you can mostly assume you'll have a drive commute. Most people I know have a 15-45 minute commute so feel free to look further north or east where prices might be less.

As far as I know there are IT jobs available. At least at my work, they've been hiring people both to fill new positions and backfill positions that have moved off to new jobs in the area. From what I hear from friends, it's hard to find RN positions here right now. I have a friend that finished her schooling for RN like 6 months ago and ended up having to move out of SD to get a job and many of her fellow graduates are having trouble. I don't know firsthand, but just a heads up.

The weather is awesome though.

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Old 12-12-2010, 03:44 AM  
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Honolulu, Hawaii
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That's weird, I heard the exact opposite about nursing jobs around there. I've got a buddy from HS who just graduated with 4-year degree in nursing, and she just got a nice offer out of SD - and she's in Cleveland!

California's a nice place. Definitely research well, and yeah a trip would be a very good idea. There's a large Marine Corps base there, as well as Navy - so try and not get your commute mixed in with the thousands of service members that are flowing in and out of those bases in the morning and night.
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Old 12-12-2010, 08:33 AM  
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Bastrop, Tx, Texas
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We dont get much snow if any here in Austin Tx. but it does get hot as hell.
Local brew shop is "Austin Homebrew Supply" you can check them out on the web.
We now have a CO-OP Brew Pub Black Star and others, lot to do in and around the city
but the people cant drive worth a damn always in a hurry lol
Lots of IT and Nursing in Austin
Drink From a Glass.
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Old 12-28-2010, 04:37 PM  

San Diego, California
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The best time for someone from Cincinnati to visit San Diego would be in January.

You will become immediately emotionally attached to the place.

Its a great town with a mellow vibe.. very neighborhood based so you can find almost anything you like here and surround yourself with it.

It is also the nexus of American craft brewing with around 40 active breweries and all kinds of culture surrounding those breweries.

And of course, there's the beach where 60's surf culture still lives.
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Old 12-29-2010, 02:10 AM  
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Santee, CA
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Came to San Diego kicking and scream. fighting the whole way. As long as you come here ready to struggle to find work, and expect to empty your life savings getting a place to live, you should be ok. It's not quite that bad, but the job market is shrinking right now. Right now even the military contractors have slowed down hiring, but they haven't stopped. For RN work the naval hospital is always hiring.

Good luck

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