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A2's Reviews

Been to a couple of "new to me" restaurants lately.

I'll start with the Salt Grass Steakhouse.....
Went to the Salt Grass two weeks ago.

My wife and I, and another couple.

I had gone to Joe's once, and swore never to return.

Everything was surprisingly good.

Service was a little too good. As in, the waitress would stop and ask us if we needed anything EVERY TIME she walked by. Was nice as service goes, but broke up our conversation a few times. The manager lookin' dude, even uninterrupted me during a quite intense exchange of words on the likely hood of taking our jet ski's and sailboats up the Falkirk Wheel in Europe.

DO NOT ORDER MIX DRINKS. I was having Mexican Martini's and they where very weak. I told the waitress about it and she said that other people have complained about them and that the bartenders are under strict orders as to the amount of alcohol to go in each drink.

Parking is pretty tough. We went there on a Friday night. We didnt' have to wait to get a table, but we had to wait about 4 minutes to find a parking spot. You know the commercial for a car, where they are driving around a parking lot and when the music stops they all race for a parking spot ( ala musical chairs ) that's pretty much what it was like to get a spot.

I do have one question though. Light pollution is a problem that most people could care less about. Not only does the Saltgrass have a lot of lights pointing straight up, but one particular set of light shines up and on to the exhaust hoods for the kitchen. They are ugly and obscene and I have no idea why they would have them lit up like they are something special. Why are the hoods on the roof lit up?

Great time, great food. I had a Texas T-Bone. It was cooked to temperature, but was grizzly as all get out. I think I just got a bad cut. I don't remember what everyone else had but we all enjoyed it.

I don't know if I would recommend this place right now or not. I need to go back and try it again, before i give it the seal of approval.
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