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Old 03-05-2006, 03:32 PM  
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Break-Ins at Westerfield Crossing (CR 101)

This is a heads up for any/all river rats who use Westerfield Crossing. Hays County has posted No Parking signs on both sides of the river. The nearest parking area is about a quarter mile back towards Highway 80. We parked there last Wednesday and my friend's truck was broken into. We talked to a Hays County Sherrif who told us the situation is totally out of control out there. He went on to say that they put up all the No Parking signs because of all the break-ins and some other unspecified problems they were having in keeping the peace. To paraphrase, they don't have the man power to control the situation (plain speak: Can't get the job done). He told us they don't want anybody out there at all; don't go out there and don't park there. As it is, you're either going to risk getting broken into or risk getting towed. How lame can Hays County get? We're supposed to give up a key river access point because Hays County Sherrif's Department can't do it's job? This is a bummer on many fronts and I found the entire situation embarrasing. My friend came up from Houston, parks his truck out in the country and gets broken into. Talk about irony.

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I got my car broken into at skulls crossing back in 97.
Since then, I have to take my cell phone and have the old lady pick me up.

The best thing to do would be to organize your own sting operation.
I'ld love to sit out there all afternoon, drink some cold beer, and wait for some punk to stop and look twice at my truck. Esp, if I've got about 6 friends there to help me hold the lil f*cker till the fuzz get there...

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ya aaron, some real Ultra-Violence, real savage like.
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