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Looking for a dog?

Tess is a happy, energetic, mixed breed dog who loves to play fetch and loves getting attention. She is 9 months old, spayed, and has had all her shots. She weighs about 50 pounds and will probably gain a little more as she fills out, but we don't expect her to get any taller. She has been socialized with kids, cats, other dogs, and strangers. She is sometimes shy at first, but is eager to play and make friends. Tess has completed a basic obedience puppy class and knows sit, stay, down, heel, and "out of the kitchen!" She is house trained, kennel trained, and leash trained, although she tends to pull on the lead. Tess does not become fearful or aggressive at the vet, and will let you look at her eyes, ears, mouth, and paws with no fuss. Even when her nails are being trimmed or blood is being drawn, she is well behaved.

Tess needs a new home because she has begun to bully our smaller dog, Seren. She does not act aggressive or seem angry, but is simply too energetic and too much bigger. Seren is naturally very submissive to other dogs, but will not let Tess know when she is playing too rough. Tess and Seren genuinely like each other, they do not fight over food or toys. Tess is not at all aggressive when eating food or playing with toys. She does not growl, snarl, or snap. Tess will play with other dogs by wrestling, jumping, pawing, licking, and mouthing. She plays nicely with other dogs who are closer to her size and not overly submissive. If the other dog signals "that's enough", Tess responds and plays more gently. Seren simply will not tell Tess to settle down. Instead she runs away, which encourages Tess to chase her.

Tess would do well in a home where she can be a member of the family and get lots of love and attention. It would be best if her new family had a fenced yard, but she can certainly be happy without a yard as long as she can go for walks at least twice a week. She will get along well with kids and with other large dogs, but is too rough for timid or smaller dogs. We want to make sure that she goes to a home where she will be loved and well cared for.

We are asking for a $50 adoption fee. If you are interested in adopting Tess as a member of your family, please contact me at mika@jella.net and I will send you some pictures. Some questions for anyone interested:

*Are you looking for your own interest, or to get a dog for someone else?
*What is your living arrangement, home or apartment?
*Do you have a fenced yard? Will Tess be a house dog or an outdoor dog?
*Have you had a dog or cat before? Do you have a dog or cat now?
*Do you have children? If so, how old?
*Are you willing to allow someone to visit your home? Are you willing to allow someone to visit Tess after her adoption?
*Will you keep Tess current on her shots and heartworm prevention? Do you have a vet already? If so, who?
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