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Old 01-03-2007, 05:53 AM  
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Sean Patrick's Pub - Great !!! The Next Texas State Institution !

This place is the best!!! All the different kinds of food, the atmosphere, and I cant even count all the beers and Irish whiskies they have.
I dont quite understand what all the fuss was about. Yes, they had some problems with service at the start. Believe me, I know they had problems. But man, the food is and has always been awesome! And now the service is catching up.
The place is absolutely beautiful. And I can forgive the Texas jersey just because it's obvious why its there. It's obvious that the 2 guys that own the place are from Houston, and it's obvious to every Texan that Campbell was a stud. Period!
And I dont mind the prices either. It keeps out the rift raft, and compared to everyone else, they really arent that high.
I too joined this forum just to mention Sean Patricks. But I picked this spot to write because after reading what others had written before me about this place I was shocked. I am not gonna judge these guys, but man, ya'll are rough on folks. What I read seemed more like slander rather than personal criticisms. And I cant imagine actually calling people out by name.
All I wanted to say is that I have owned a number a business's in my past. And I know first hand how hard it can be to hit the ground running. Especially when your runnin' with college kids. If you'd ever done it yourself, you'd know. My experience with it has been bitter sweet. And no, im not bashin' kids in college, but sometimes what they think they know, they have only been taught in theory. They havent had the time yet for what life lessons or experience will really teach them.
And I have also had the pleasure of meeting all the owners/managers by now, and they didnt, and dont come across to me like people who dont care. The staff seems to be very happy with them, and I was personally quite taken by the brothers. If you ever have a chance to talk to them, do it! What these two guys have already done in their short lives is amazing. Ask them about the sports they've played. Their nuts!!! Especially the older one, Mike.
Any way's, to my forum predecessors, I hope ya'll give these folks another chance in the future because if you dont, I really think your missin' out.
But to everyone else who may read this. Go decide for yourself. We have all had different experiences there. Some have obviously been bad! But I think allot more of us have had even more good. At least thats why I keep goin' back.

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Old 02-23-2007, 10:30 AM  
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San Marcos
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I've been twice. The food was pretty good, but not spectacular. The atmosphere was ok. We sat outside both times and it was nice enough. The service was pretty slow, even though the place was not all that busy.

Tap Room has better food and better service, although I rarely go there these days because it tends to be too crowded and noisy for my taste. Interestingly enough, I remember when the Tap Room opened and I would go there fairly regularly. Going back to the first week they were open, I never experienced the service problems there that I have at Sean Patrick's.

Would I call it horrible? No. Would I recommend it to anyone? No. There are just better places to spend your time and money.

To anyone with any skin in the game, I would suggest that the proper way to handle the comments in the forum would be to take notes and fix what people are complaining about. Don't shut down the people who take the time to comment.

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Old 03-05-2007, 06:58 PM  
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So the place isn't a gold mine by any stretch, but some of you people just whine like little tiny babies. If you really want to see what the place is like, just go check it out. If it sucks you know, if not, then you don't ever have to go back again...the end.

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Old 03-07-2007, 09:44 AM  
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I've been following this thread since the begining and haven't read any whining.
I've seen a lot of different people, from different ends of the social spectrum expressing thier views on a local buisness.

Many people post on here from out of town, and can not just pop in to see what it's like. If a peson reads two pages into a thread chances are they want to know more about the subject.

That's what this thread is for. Matter of fact that's what this entire website/forum is for.

Now that I think about it your post has been the furthest off topic, and when you start the topic of your post with " man " you actually reflect the image that your trying to disuade.

And when you finish your post with "....the end", that tells me that you are not open for new ideas on the subject nor do you think the subject should be discussed further. Which makes me beg to ask the question....

DID YOU REALLY READ IT ? or did you skim over some previous post and then decide that you knew EXACTLY what was going on?

" This kettle does not like to be called black "

That being said.....EVERYONE has a right to post their thoughts on any subject. I'll remove any post that are just jibberish, but for the most part anything goes.
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Old 03-23-2007, 05:37 PM  
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I joined 78666.com to post my reply to the Sean Patrick's debacle; I will keep it brief.

Like many of you, I have been dissatisfied with the service at Sean Patrick's more times than not.
  • Bartenders do not know how to make a black russian (just half vodka, half kahlua... not PEPSI and kahlua). This is a common drink and most bartenders should know the correct way to make this.
  • Service is notoriously slow due to lack of trained waitstaff (and overall lack of servers in general)
  • Most everything is overpriced (this is San Marcos, not Austin)

My worst Sean Patrick's experience: During my first visit, I asked the bartender about the specials for the evening. He told me that they were on a board on the other side of the bar and walked away to help someone else.

Let me finish by saying that we all know it is a new business, and it is going to take time to become what it was intended to be. However, that is not an excuse for all of the mistakes this bar has made.

For those of you who posted something like, "You just don't understand... opening a restaurant is hard," let me just say this: WE DON'T CARE.

There are reasonable expectations every customer has regarding restaurant services, and when they are not met, it does not matter the reason. This idea that Sean Patrick's is new and should get off with a warning is juvenile and immature; this argument completely misses the point.

Grow up and realize that in the real world, you either sink or swim, and Sean Patrick's is currently sinking.

As a side note, if you want great service and good food, check out Red Robin... I love that place.
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Old 04-09-2007, 12:25 AM  
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I went there the other night and was kind of disappointed.

Not a great atmosphere, slow service despite it being practically empty, expensive beer.

I think the reason everyone on this board seems so negative is because people had so much hope for this place. When I saw it being built I thought that I would have a new haunt on the square. Unfortunately, It really lacks that "pub feel" and does not have any special redeeming quality. It does most things O.K. but nothing about it stands out. There are definitely better places to spend your money on the Square.
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Old 04-19-2007, 06:50 AM  

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It blows, I think a pitcher of Ziegen Bock cost me $13 or something absurd. The stories about the waitstaff blowing ass are true too, our party (who were all seated at a table) were forced to go to the bar for drinks, while 2-3 waitresses sat on their asses at the bar.

The dump needs to come up with some originality as well. The whole "lets throw out some TV's and a pool table" thing has been done a time or 2 before here, and if you're going to go with such a lame setup you better have some other tricks up your sleve!
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Old 04-25-2007, 04:02 AM  
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Past performance

It will not be long before it is sitting empty and closed just like their last restaurant "Lone Star"

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Old 04-25-2007, 08:03 AM  
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I've been there twice. The first time was some weekend that a lot of the bars were closed down downtown due to "christmas parties" and it was a Sunday. The only bar that would let us crash their party with open arms was S. P.'s. I was looking for food, and they had a buffet for their staff party, and let me eat their food!!! They also had Celtic music. The same night, their prices on their alcohol were CHEAP, as cheap as nephew's specials. That night they were very attentive, but then again it was THEIR Christmas party.

I went into S.P. again Monday.and was not impressed. Nobody in there for lunch, but yet we didn't see our waiter for over 20 minutes towards the end of our lunch. I was down to the bottom on my tea and my friend had to go up to the bar to pay.

I agree that service was not up to par, but I'll give it one more chance. But it is hard to compete with other bars in town when your $$ are so high.
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Old 07-09-2007, 05:48 AM  
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Sean "of the dead" Patricks

Yeah, the owners may have Irish entitlements, and their Sheppard's Pie ain't too bad, but the atmosphere is certainly sports bar. Wish it had a bit more culture, but that has never been the formula for mula in a college town. These guys are interested in opening a chain of these places...already building another one.

The service is undoubtedly some of the worst. Hate to agree, was hoping it would be different, but nahhh....pretty damn bad.

Shame..great building too.

"BAF! BAM! KAPOW!" - Batman and Robin
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