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U.S. of A., Mexico and Texas.

In the USA I've only been to CA., Oregon, Wash., Idaho, Utah, NV and Arizona.

I went to Tijuana, BC., Mex. I also did a genealogy research trip to Sonora, Mex. several yrs back. (a trip no longer posible especially with AZ plates)

Then I took a trip via airlines to Austin, TX. Texas was nothing about what I expected. I was pleasantly surprized.

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A few links to some united states travel.......for your info. And entertainment

Originally Posted by Kenbo View Post
I LOVE to travel, yet thus far I have only gotten my feet wet.

I have been to Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica and am planning a trip to Africa (Kenya) next summer.

Who else loves to travel and where have you been?!
I guess I can say I love traveling, but haven't been to too many countries.....
find that there's so much to see in the United States, that you can spend your lifetime just going from State to State....
there's always something there to thrilll you.....here's a few examples, if you don't mind clicking a few links:

1. Mt. Rushmore, SD
( Mount Rushmore National Memorial - Mount Rushmore Now Gallery (U.S. National Park Service) )

2. Chief Crazy Horse Memorial, SD
( Crazy Horse - Black Hills South Dakota )

3. Stone Mountain, GA
( Stone Mountain Park: Georgia theme park and camping in Atlanta )

4. Oatman, CA
( Oatman, Arizona )

5. Hoover Dam, NV/AZ
( Bureau of Reclamation: Lower Colorado Region - Hoover Dam )

6. Lake Havasu City,AZ (London Bridge)
( Official Site - Lake Havasu City Convention & Visitor's Bureau - Lake Havasu City - Arizona's Playground )

7. Lake Mead, NV
( [COLOR="Blue"Lake Mead National Recreation Area - Photos & Multimedia (U.S. National Park Service) )[/COLOR]

Be sure to watch this video on this link..a little "History Lesson"..

Sunken B-29 Video Podcast

8. Beartooth Pass, Montana/Wyoming
( The Beartooth Highway & Beartooth Pass | Montana |Wyoming )

Look at the photos here:
( Welcome to the Beartooth Highway in Montana & Wyoming )

9. Mokee Dugway, Cedar Mesa, AZ
On this link there are albums of various places.....check each album..
( Photos of Scott August in Concert )
Here's beautiful music videos from above link ...... "FLUTES"
( Videos of Scott August )


Here's a link to St. Lucia, West Indies where I visited...neat travel
brochure you can turn the pages to see this small island.......
( St. Lucia e-Book Guide )

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