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Hunting in West Virginia.....new "deer" hunting regulations for 2012 & 2013

Obtained from this NRA link......which includes:

Benelli Ultra Light and Bushnell Binoculars


And, this map for finding your state's hunting laws:


Folks looking for places to shoot will find this link invaluable:




CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The people who set West Virginia's hunting seasons have finalized a set of regulations designed to have hunters kill many more female deer.

Members of the state Natural Resources Commission on Sunday approved regulations for the state's 2012 big-game seasons, including those for deer. The new regulations seek to reduce deer populations in most counties by increasing bag limits for antlerless deer and creating incentives for hunters to kill antlerless deer instead of bucks.

One of the new regulations' most salient features include a requirement that hunters in counties with very high deer populations must kill an antlerless deer before they're allowed to kill a second antlered buck. The change will be in effect during both the archery and firearm seasons.

Another significant change -- which will go into effect in 2013 -- will allow hunters to take up to two deer a day, provided at least one is antlerless. This year, however, hunters will be allowed to kill just one deer a day.

The approved regulations also include a significant change to the antlerless-deer bag limits. In counties that had two- or four-deer limits in 2011, the 2012 bag limit will change to three. Wildlife officials sought the change in an attempt to simplify the regulations.

For towns and cities that hold urban deer seasons, the commission approved dramatically more liberal regulations. In place of bag limits that varied from town to town, a statewide bag limit of seven deer will go into effect this fall. Of the seven, two can be antlered bucks and the remainder must be antlerless.

Municipalities will be able to open their special seasons as early as the second Saturday in September.

To increase the take of female deer before the "rut," or deer-mating season, commissioners approved a new three-day, late-October firearm season for antlerless deer.

This year's season will be held Oct. 25-27.


And, if you live near Lynchburg, Virginia, you may like
to be aware of this article:

VA: Hunters Helping Lynchburg Control Deer

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