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Tours of the LIGO Livingston Observatory can be arranged easily as long as advance notice is provided. Tours can be composed of one up to a maximum of forty participants and would start off with a twenty-minute video entitled Einstein?s Messengers. From there, visitors can enjoy a short Q&A session with four on-duty scientists of the observatory. Afterwards, visitors are taken to the Science Education Center, where more than forty interactive and highly educational and entertaining displays await. Many of the displays challenge visitors to brain puzzles and these often result with a deeper understanding of how gravity works. Examples of this would be the Bouncing Ball and the Gravity?s Rainbow Exhibit. With the former, visitors can observe how long it takes for a steel ball to travel once it hits an obstruction. With Gravity?s Rainbow, visitors are challenged to launch balls and shoot them into cups that are laid on the floor.

LIGO is the acronym for Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. It was the name aptly selected for the observatory, which was primarily established to detect gravitational waves from any cosmic source with the use of LIGO instruments.
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