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Although there are understandably a lot of ?witch? museums in Salem, the Witch Dungeon Museum distinguishes itself from the rest not only with live re-enactments of the infamous Salem Witch Trials but also with exciting tours of the dungeon.

Once you step inside the Witch Dungeon Museum you?ll be transported right back to 1692 as costumed professional actors immediately act out a witch trial that are based on historical transcripts. The action begins when Betty and Abigail, the daughter and niece of Reverend Parris shows signs of strange behavior. Eventually, the continuous display of worrisome behavior prompted the good reverend to have the girls examined by Dr. Griggs, who unfortunately couldn?t find any medical anomaly in them.

In time, other children were copying the girls? strange behaviors. Some would start barking like dogs while others would have sudden fits of madness and crawl right into their homes? fireplaces. Eventually, accusations about the Devil and its witch accomplices begin springing forth. People wanted someone to blame for the children?s actions and after 13 months, nine persons and 2 dogs were hanged and one lone male pressed to death.
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