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About Me
Real Name:
Pat Johnson
Current Location:
Austin - Frontier Valley Texas
Religious Views:
Gay Baptists
First, if you can't take the time to fill out a profile, I'm sure we will have nothing to talk about. If your on here looking there is no reason you can't post a picture. If your in the closet, then what the hell are you going to do if you really do meet someone, and it doesn't work? Kill him because he might OUT you? The truth is all your looking for is cyber phone or some other game. Keep looking ! I'm looking, I'm not in any hurry. That also means if I say hello to you in the room, all I'm doing is being polite. It doesn't mean you have to sleep with me. By now I have discovered that almost everyone on these sites are just BS artists. They will tell you anything you want to hear, just to get with you. Then, after a night of play and bedroom bongo suddenly they will say something like "Sorry I don't think we are a good match." and promptly leave. If we do chat and some interest does develop, then it will still take time, keep in mind I don't and won't do cyber, phone games, and I'm not interested in someone half way around the world. Sorry just not into imports. I have learned that when it comes to loyalty, that my dog, Nicki asks for nothing but a little attn and his food, and in return gives his total devotion, knows when I am down, and stays by me to try and make me feel better. He doesn't run away looking for someone better. I would rather live alone, and have friends, real friends like him, than to put up with anyone who thinks any relationship is all about sex, or play. It is a lot more, its working to build something for both to enjoy with each other. And that investment is time, sharing the bills, planning a way to make life better for both. Not walk away when the times get a bit rough. At 55 I am invisible to most of the gay community. Those who can't be bothered with someone over 40 will all too soon find themselves in that same place.
Phone Number:
PO Box 18326, Austin, Texas 78760
High School:
Nederland High School
Lamar Tech, Texas A&M, Kellow Technical College
Interests and Likes
My hobbies, are varied, I enjoy quiet times at home, working on some project maybe a garden, or refinishing a piece of furniture I have found discarded or bought at some yard sale. I also enjoy working to make a house look better or maybe remodeling it. Also just taking a drive, maybe going fishing, I even enjoy camping sometimes. I have a wide range of activites.
I'm looking for decent friends first. Granted my pictures aren't that flattering, but then they are ME, and they are no more than 6 months old normally. I don't post a picture of myself that's 30 yrs old. I also will not post or mail a pic of me nude, not going to ask you for one so don't ask me. I really have no interest in headless pictures, I like to SEE who I am chatting with. I am not interested in how big your cock is or a pic of it or your ass thanks. I love sex with a man. I'm not into the bar scene. I like traditional sex. I love to suck and get ****ed.
Techno, New York Dance mixes, Alternative, 80's music, Sonic Youth, Josh Groban, Faith Hill, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Dance remixes, Jen Lopez, Rick martin. Where and who I am with dictates the mood of music. Style varies throughout the day. usually upbeat dance/techno rocks the day!
Bourne Supremacy, A few Good Men, Jerry McGuire, Beaches, Titanic, Bourne Ultimatum, Pretty Woman, Departed, Mission Impossible, Speed 1&2. Dig Action, sci-fi, comedy, December Boys, Pufnstuf, Coyote Ugly, Man For all Seasons, Torch Song Trilogy, American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding, Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2, Terminator, Terminator 2 Judgment Day, The Craft, The Witches, The Wizard of Oz, Return to Oz, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, Hellraiser : Bloodline, NOES 1, NOES Freddy's revenge, NOES Dream Warriors, NOES The Dream Master, NOES Dream Child, Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare, Wes Cravens New Nightmare, Freddy Vs Jason, Mysterious Skin, Nutty Professor 2 The Klumps, Kill Bill vol 1, Kill Bill vol 2, Dinotopia, Stargate, Curse of the Golden Flower, House of Flying Daggers, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Brother's Grimm, Monster, Meet The Browns, Madea's Family Reunion, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Mean Girls, Boat Trip, Shrive, Shrek 2

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