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MGM Grand Lion Habitat Rating: None

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The MGM Grand Lion Habitat was built in order to safeguard MGM Grand?s insignia, the lion. Located at Las Vegas Boulevard, Nevada, the soundproof glass window that showcased the majestic animal makes viewing and appreciation easier for public eyes. Each of the habitat?s lion weighs about 300 to 600 pounds.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino invested $9 million for the construction of the Lion Habitat, a meager sum in comparison to the revenues each welcoming roar the lion belt out in the silver screen. It was the legendary Leo that started the trend. Added to the habitat are a waterfall and lush greenery in order to make the setting as close to nature as possible. The climate inside the glass window is controlled, and the water and air are purified.

Before each show time in the hotel, the lions dwell in custom-made spacious quarters built within an 8.5-acre ranch 12 miles from the MGM Grand. Here, the cats play, romp, and rest. This is also where standardized care is applied by Keith Evans, the noted owner and training expert of the feline creatures for over 41 years. A handful of other trainers make sure that the cats are always well-groomed, regularly applying shampoo and blow-dry treatments. After the grooming process, specialized vans transport the lions from the ranch to the MGM Grand Lion Habitat.

When in public, the lions are surprisingly timid creatures. They usually come for a few hours in pairs, groups, and sometimes even alone. To make education more fun, visitors can walk around the habitat and indulge in reading some fascinating facts about the animal.

The MGM Grand Lion Habitat is open daily from 11AM to 7PM. with the scheduled feeding time at 11:15AM and 4:30PM There are no visitor restrictions in terms of height, weight, and age. Reservations are also not applicable.
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