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The Los Alamos National Laboratory, previously known as Site Y12, was a secret facility built (during the World War II) in response to Japanese Imperial?s attack at Pearl Harbour. Its main purpose is to build the first nuclear weapons (called the Manhattan Project), two of which, the ?Little Boy? (a Uranium bomb) and the ?Fat Man? (a Plutonium bomb) were used in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing. These bombings led to Japan?s surrender and ended the hostility on August 14, 1945.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory employed great scientists (including Nobel Prize-winning scientists) physicists, engineers, chemists and mathematicians who worked together in the advancement of warfare technology and during the Cold War the Laboratory was able to successfully develop the Hydrogen bomb.

Today the Laboratory is one of the world?s leaders in conducting energy, defense, nanotechnology, medicine, supercomputing and basic science research. It was spearheaded by the United States Department of Energy and now being managed and operated by the Los Alamos National Security. One of its works is the Hot Rock Project where it explored and discovered the superheated rock that lies beneath the surface of the earth which can be used as an alternative energy source. Also to their credit was the development of a supercomputing machine called ?Roadrunner? in 2008, that exceeded a sustained speed of 1 petaflop/s, or 1 million billion calculations per second.
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