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When the New York Daily News became the highest circulated newspaper in the world, its owner decided that it is just fitting to construct a building that would house the publication. Thus, the Daily News Building was born.

The Daily News Building is situated on 42nd Street and was built from 1929 to 1930. Daily News owner, publisher and journalist Joseph Patterson tapped into the expertise of architect Raymond Hood to design the building. Raymond Hood was also the genius architect behind the beautiful Chicago Tribune Building established by Joseph Medill who is Patterson?s grandfather.

The towering Daily News Building boasts of 37 stories with a total height of 145 meters of 476 feet tall. The beautiful Art Deco structure is best known for the vertical window strips divided by black and red brick decorative spandrels between the upper side of one window and the ledge directly above it. White brickwork comprises the segmenting vertical piers. When the Daily News Building was being constructed, majority of the buildings were utilizing limestone. However, Hood?s practical side prevailed and decided that it was too costly to use limestone and opted for brick.

The window stripes? upper sections are embellished with decorative spandrels which stretch to the peak of the structure. At this part, the spandrels angle inward and parted via a thin pier. The roof deck of the Daily News Building is flat which was not common for skyscrapers and other buildings during that era. The flat roof, however, started a trend and was copied by several skyscrapers that were built after it.

The primary entrance of the building very much depicts the Art Deco design with an intricate carving over the entryway showing office workers below a sunburst. Another noticeable feature of the building is that its ten-story base is bigger than the upper portions. The building was constructed in that fashion for it to be able to house large printing machines on the lower levels.

The Daily News Building went through an expansion during the latter years of the 1950s led by architects Abramowitz and Harrison. This expansion initiative included a wing for Daily News? improved printing facility composed of five floors. An east wing was also added with 18 floors to create more office space. In 1994, the Daily News deserted the building and this iconic skyscraper is currently called the News Building.

Arguably the most well-known attraction in the Daily News Building is the humongous globe that can be found in its lobby. When the skyscraper opened its doors, it drew in throngs of crowd and became one of the most popular tourist hotspots in New York. The humongous globe rotates and occupies a central location in a vaulted room embellished with black glass. The globe is updated as needed. Thermometers and clocks are installed in the room to provide guests with basic details on cities across the globe.
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