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A landmark in the City of Milwaukee, a historical spot in the State of Wisconsin and a National Historical Landmark in the United States, the Pabst Theater also known as ?The Pabst? is a reincarnation of Das Neue Deutsche Stadt-Theater (The New German City Theater) built by brewing magnate Captain Frederick Pabst. The latter was built in 1890 but a fire turned it into ashes in 1895. Pabst ordered the immediate restoration of the Theater and in just remarkable eleven months the Pabst Theater came into existence and is now the fourth-oldest continuously operating theater in the United States. With a capacity of 1,345 people, the Pabst Theatre hosts about 100 events each year varying from music, comedy, dance, opera, and theater events.

Sometimes also called the ?Grande Olde Lady? for being the oldest theatre in the Milwaukee theatre district, the Pabst is designed in the tradition of the great European opera houses with a lavish Baroque interior made even more glorious with an Austrian crystal chandelier found in the drum-shaped auditorium embellished in reds and maroons with gold and silver accents and a grand staircase shaped from white Italian Carrara marble makes the theater more charming. The stage is framed by a traditional proscenium arch emphasized in gold leaf with a hydraulic orchestra pit in front with two balconies making it more apt for any performing arts event. Placed at the tip of the proscenium arch, the most noticeable decoration in the auditorium is a seven-foot tall statue of Apollo adjoined by the muses of Drama and Song. Moreover, the porch that links the theatre to the center was designed to create a feel of walking back in time as the ceiling becomes higher, the decorative columns change from modern to more elaborate and the lighting system adjusts from modern which is indirect to Austrian crystal fixtures at the entrance to the theater lobby.

Many technological innovations were incorporated in the building and were later imitated by other theatres. These innovations include the use of cast iron and concrete for a more advanced fireproofing measure. Still to address fire circumstances, the traditional ?fire curtain? (which can be lowered to separate the audience from the stage) was exceptionally created and designed with the use of wire mesh that can outstand any fire. Some of the ?firsts? integrated in the theatre are the Semi-cantilevered construction for the balcony and gallery that eliminated view-blocking columns, a complete permanent steel counterweight system at the backstage was created for use on fly scenery and draperies and an all-electric lighting system, first used in the United States. A very early air conditioning system that combines the use of fans and huge amount of ice and an electric organ are also innovations used in the theatre.
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