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Old 09-29-2010, 03:44 PM  
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Originally Posted by murilstone View Post
the Ozarks!
also lots of historical sights.
Home of the James Bros.
The arches
What exactly are the Ozarks?

Originally Posted by docthirst View Post
I'm here, what else do you need?
Hah, very boldly said for someone I don't know at all...

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Old 10-04-2010, 05:29 PM  
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Riding any motorcycle in southern Missouri is great. Routes 68 and 19 south of Rolla. At least 6 off road parks. Table rock lake, and the Current river.



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Old 10-05-2010, 09:18 AM  
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The Ozarks -- what are they?

Geologically, southern MO and northern ARK consist of the Ozark Plateau and Ozark Mountains. Read all about it here: The Ozarks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Aside from the beautiful hills, greenery, and roads, there is a recreation area called the "Lake of the Ozarks", which was created back in the day by the construction of Bagnell Dam, a hydroelectric dam built by Union Electric of St. Louis to make electriciy. Lake of the Ozarks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Three rivers feed into this lake, making it the largest in the central US. Because it is not a flood control dam, it's level rarely varies by more than five feet, making it an excellent location for vacation homes, of which there are over 70,000. I told you, it's a big lake! There are lots of things to do on the lake, including boating, fishing, skiing, eating, and just chilling out.
Because of the nature of the impounded topology, there are many, many coves on the lake, commonly used for partying. A bunch of folks will meet there, tie their boats together and spend the day on the water. Very family oriented.
Because the lake is river fed, the water is not clear, and I don't recommend scuba diving. However, the water is always moving and fresh, so swimming is not an issue.
There are many motels where you can stay on the lake, and you can rent power and sail boats all over the place.

Occasionally, the lake freezes over in the winter, if it gets really cold. I have actually walked across the Lake of the Ozarks!

Locations on the lake are often referred to by their mile-marker, which is the water distance from the dam. For example, I walked across the lake at the 21 mile marker. The lake is serpentine shaped, so you can drive from here to there in 5 minutes, when it might take 45 minutes by boat. A new bridge opened a few years ago on MM that connects the St. Louis side to the KC side and makes it easier to get to the dam and the town of Lake Ozark.
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as mentioned before southwest missouri off-road ranch is awesome, I've wheeled in humboldt county in northern cali, I've been to moab for a week of jeepin and it was sweet, but being a local we go to smorr alot and its a blast from easy going trails to ohh my god in my crawler, watched the king of the hammers qualifier races there and it was amazing. branson is really nice even for a younger crowd theres shows for just about anyone
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Old 10-06-2010, 03:13 PM  
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theres good offroad parks by salem and springfield. but as said above theres branson and its pretty cool and also silver dollar city is a good place to take the family.
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If you are a history buff the civil war battlegrounds at Springfield and in northern Missouri around Lexington, there is a cannon ball lodged (been replaced with a plastic ball) that is still in one of the columns at the courthouse in downtown Lexington that was shot from the battlefield in the heat of the battle from about a mile away.
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If you like to off-road, there are several Jeep Clubs and other off-road clubs around with the best being the Midwest Jeep Thing (St. Louis area).
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Eminence and alley spring
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Old 10-08-2010, 11:04 AM  
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One of the best micro-breweries in the Midwest.

Welcome to Schlafly Cyberspace

Awesome beer and good food.
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You guys also forgot to mention all the FREE places you can visit!

The St. Louis Zoo is free
The Science Center is free
The Art Museum is free
The Arch is free
The History Museum is free
and tons of great Disc Golf courses

and there's the...
Missouri Botanical Garden (it's actually pretty cool)
The Magic House
Grant's Farm
St. Louis Blues hockey
St. Louis Cardinal baseball
St. Louis Rams football (yeah they stink at the moment)
Merimac Caverns
Ozark Mountains
Mississippi River and River Boats
I think there's a NASCAR track if you're into that?

and there's amazing food...
Toasted Ravioli
Ted Drews (frozen custard)
Crown Candy's (featured on the Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food")

should i continue?...

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