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Old 04-25-2004, 02:27 PM  
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Global Gas

Global Gas. No, I don't mean the intestinal type either. I just read in the NY Times how our local(USA) prices are comparatively low to those of European Countries and such. Last checked, the cost for one gallon of gas in London was near $5.40, Germany around $4.80, and the Netherlands about $6.00.

What I find interesting is these countries have always had extreemly high prices when compared to America. They get a kick out of our hollering and complaining when we face paying in upwards of $2.00 per gallon. Last time I was in Germany I saw lots fo folks riding bicycles and driving cars that were designed to conserve gas. As a matter of fact, it appears Europe has adapted to the expense of transportation in many ways that could be used as good models for the good ole USA to follow. More alternative energy-driven incentives, a better understanding of WHY alternative energy benifits the population - ours and future generations, and actual dedication to using technology to really create ways that reduce polution while preserving energy needs.

It has always amazed me that we, America, have the most advanced capabilites and billions of dollars, yet we can't manage to produce a standard form of transportation that gets better than 40mpg and has plenty of power and modern conveniences....at a price that most people can afford.

Good news is, hyrbid technology is just budding. Car manufactures are experimenting and testing the market with various modles that encorporate more innovative features that save gas, and reduce emmissions. Even if you don't give a flip about the enviroment or what todays pollution means for tomarrow's population, you'll at least understand the meaning of saving a buck or two at the gas pump.

I can't wait to see what the next ten years will bring us in the hybrid car market, and at the gas stations.

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Old 05-31-2004, 04:49 PM  
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The culture in america is individualism. At the age of 16 kids get cars and drive themselves. Parents now work long hours and thus have little family time. So everyone pretty much does their own thing.

Europe is unique in that gas may be high, but who cares...because it's cool to ride the train, bike, or walk. That's not the case in America. America caters to the american driver. Driving through austin a myriad of highways,byways, and freeways suspend from the air. We provide bigger wider lanes, instead of promoting mass transit. America needs to be a collective society not an indvidualistic.

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the almighty dollar

We have to acknowledge that Capitalism in America is really all about some ppl capitalizing on something...usually at the expense of others.

The oil industry doesn't want fuel economy...and they lobby. Since the Era of Reaganomics, the government has promoted the auto and oil industries. They've covered up scientific reports about the unsafeness of SUV's and the rollover potential. They don't promote cleaner running, more economic cars. Who among the
American car companies is really pushing and poineering hybrid or alternative fuel economy?

Anybody seen the capabilities of the Hydrogen Fuel Cells that are coming out now. It's feasable to run a car on the air around you with the only byproduct being the emmission of WATER.

But...who gets rich off that industry??

Really folks...it's a sad state of affairs, and it's getting drastically sadder under the current leadership.
\"Better a lifetime of dreams fulfilled than dreams of fulfullment!\"
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