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View Poll Results: Who will you vote for in the next presidential election?
Bush 2 22.22%
Anybody But Bush 4 44.44%
Howard Dean 0 0%
John Kerry 1 11.11%
Joseph Lieberman 0 0%
Dick Gephardt 0 0%
Other Democrat 0 0%
Third party candidate 2 22.22%
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Old 08-08-2003, 11:09 PM  
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well whoever decides to run for office they'll need a catchy slogan...maybe this will help...

The Bush 'balance' budget: -455 billion and worsening
The Bush 'economic' policy: -2.5 million jobs and counting
The Bush Iraq lie: -254 GIs, one friend's co-worker's son and mounting

Having Bush scew up your country: Priceless

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Old 08-25-2003, 11:12 PM  

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I find you anti Bush people interesting. Like a typical liberal you attack the person but have little or no interest in reality. Can you imagine if Al Gore had been in office for 911? I find that thought frightening beyond belief. Speaking of morons.

And, speaking of morons, if you're still talking about the "Stolen Election" get over it. It's old news and wasn't newsworthy in the first place except that Bush had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to protect the process. I never hear the democrats talking about the thousands of military ballats that were "lost". The election was close, the best man won. End of story losers.

I'm sure that's why the average liberal is upset about Iraq. If there boy Algore had been in office non of this war would have taken place. He would have given them a strong talking to that they would never forget. They would also never stop laughing, but that's what Al is good at...... being funny.

All for now. Have a life.
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Old 08-26-2003, 09:17 AM  
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Exhibit A

Dear RV Guest,

You are right about everything you think, and also in believing everything the media reports. GW is a good man, and dangit...he's got balls! And for heaven's sake it takes reallllll big ones to run a country gosh-darnit!
The heck with brains, I say we just replace the ballot box with a set of brass measuring cups to weigh the prospective genitals of every canidate - at least that way nobody will cheat....I mean...not that they do now.

Nahhhh, I mean heck RV....how ridiculous is it to even consider that another human being would so much as deliberatly lie, cheat, and steal....in Goverment for heaven's sake! Well now, that's simply inconcievable - it's against the principles of God...pretty sure...and if it ain't we ought to add it in there!

And...ooohhhh..those pesky people with a concious....I just wish they'd shut their trap and go off and smoke dope like they all do in their spare time....dang liberal-minded dope smokin hippies. What we need are good god-fearing men and women who don't even flinch at the sound of the call to war......men & women who'll kill without question, men & women who don't question anything.

Now that would be perfect.

"You sir are a dang fine American for not asking questions."

RV, that is what I would write to you if I wanted to sound sarcastic while still covering the points. Not that I want to sound sarcastic, but it was the easiest way to drive the point without listing fifty pages of facts and figures.

Ya know, your healthy until you have a heart attack kind of situation.

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