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I've been vegetarian or vegan for 21 years now... mixing rice and beans, getting the right legumes to substitute complex proteins is a myth. Your body didn't need the complex proteins in meat in the first place, so substituting for them is a wasted effort. Eat a balanced healthy mix of food and you'll be fine.

First two weeks there is usually withdrawl, you'll feel sick because your body is used to dealing with all the chemicals and pesticides that accrue in meat, after that you'll generally feel better. If not, you're either doing something wrong or vegetarianism isn't for you.

For dinner look for Quorn Roast, Morningstar Corn Dogs, or Smart Deli chicken strips. Vegetarian Plus brand also has some Chicken Drumsticks (with Curry but I never use the sauce) that my meaty family and friends swear by. There are 9 bad veggie burger/substitutes for every 3 good ones, so just keep hunting until you find enough you like.

Another good dinner item is portabella mushroom caps. Just grill a few up with a little margarine and have some mashed potatoes and green beans.

Don't get caught up in the myth that vegetarians are skinny, most of the veggie/vegans I've met truly hate food and eating and veg*ism is just an excuse to suffer through stick and grass type meals. Myself, I'm 6' 290, and I love food, I just don't love it enough to eat cute little fluffy critters, like cows.


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Also, if you lift and think you need meat, that's also a myth.

Some of the greatest body builders of all time have been vegetarians/vegans.

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