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"repurposing" rooms

I live by myself in a two-bedroom apartment. I've got my furniture set up somewhat differently than what they are supposed to be. Does anyone else do this?
When you walk in the door, the kitchen is in front of you, and the living room (with a sliding glass door and patio) are on the left. Past the kitchen are the bathroom, a smaller bedroom and a larger bedroom in the back.
My living room has become a combination dining room and office. I have my computer and desk and bookcase, plus a rocking chair for reading, there, and I've moved my kitchen table and chairs into the middle of the room so that I can look out onto the patio when I sit there.
Against the kitchen wall I have a small table. That's where I eat breakfast and pay bills.
The smaller bedroom is where I sleep.
The larger bedroom is my living room. That's where my TV, DVD player, VCR (gasp!) and my stereo (with a turntable!), not to mention all my movies and music, all are.

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Living by yourself allows you to do anything you want without opposition. I applaud you for that. I just want to know where you have the 8 track tapes stored?

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I have a two bedroom single wide desert trash mobile. I went in the second Bdroom, pulled the closet doors, built a carpeted work bench across to change strings, adjust, etc., my guitars and put up some sound deadening material and that's where I twang on my guitars & what not.
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