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waipahu, hawaii
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what can be done?

not sure where to post this... but i need some advice on what can be done (if any thing can be done)

story starts off, me and my little brother were in foster care.. foster parents were only adopting kids for the money from the state..
all the way up till 18 us kids had our money taken away,then at 18 booted out.. i ended up joining the Army.. it was either that or be homeless when i hit 18.. i had to drop out of high school , get my GED so i could ship out to boot camp early.. ended up joining the army 4 months after my graduation.. Ironic. for dropping out, i realy didnt drop out.. it was basically i was told i aint going to school ,that im getting my GED.. parents called the cops on me saying i "ran away" .. i got on the bus and went to school,, got to class and i was sent to the office, then cops came and picked me up from school...
it was done against my will...

my little brother was accused of sex crimes as a juvenile.. which he denies..
for the first time he was put on probation for a few years.. at 16 he was ready to get off probabation, then out of the clear blue sky.. he was accused of "rape" again... now the foster family gave me 3 different stories that never added.. my little brother was locked up for stuff he never did.

any way when i was in boot camp,i decided to contact my real dad...i stopped calling my foster family.. my foster sister was in the army as well,
foster mom complained about me not calling home.. so even though i was 18 years , IN THE ARMY... i wasnt allowed to call my real dad!! everytime i called ,my platoon sergeant got on the phone to make sure it was my foster mom i was talking to . also my foster sister name was on my bank account, so all through basic training and AIT she had access to my money.. and was taking it all. even in AIT i couldnt have my own debit card, my foster sister and foster mom had it... i called to cancle it and have a new one sent to me, itd work for a while then my foster sister would have it cancled and get a new one sent to her. on christmas leave for AIT , they had me finance a truck in my name...my checks from the army paid the payments and insurance..it was my truck but they were driving it and putting miles on it.
when i left, i had parked the truck in a public storage facility so they wouldnt drive it.. some how they got it out of there and cancled my storage for the truck..

a lot of inside dirty work.. i never got my own money till i was stationed in hawaii (my first duty station) .. my platoon sergeant took my down to the bank to open my own account, and i had the money deposited in an account my foster parent / sister couldnt access. my foster sister tried to get it reveresed but couldnt.. My SGLI ( if i died in combat, some one gets a big check) they had it set up to where that money would go to my foster sister / mom.. i wanted it to go to my little brother, thats how i had it set up the first time, when i was in boot camp they some how changed it to where they got the money if i died.. again when i got to hawaii i was able to change it..
even after being in hawaii for a while, my foster sister / foster mom would call my first sergeant and check on me like a little kid ,telling them to take away my driving privleges cuz im a irresponsible driver ect... they tried so hard to make my life hell ..then gave up.

i also never took a actual driving test... my job in the army was a mechanic,so i had to have a valid drivers liscense.. within 6 days.. my foster sister ended up screwing some old guy at a drivers ed facility and i ended up having my drivers liscnese given to me.. all i did was get in the car and drive.. he told me to do a 3 point turn, i had no idea what the heck that was..
im sure i screwed up more... but i was given a liscense even though i didnt know how to drive! i came to hawaii and had to learn how "rite of way" at an intersection works the hard way.

now up to point of this thread.. i only kept in contact with my foster family because my little brother was locked up... they wouldnt let me talk to him or write him , nothing. they actually told my little brother i was killed in iraq.. how lame is that ? his counsoler was on a pay roll... when he turned 18 i got on the internet and found out where he was , i started writing him.. he wasnt able to get my mail.. i know for fact the people around him was on a pay roll because our foster mom called me up telling me not to contact him.. she got the letter i sent my little brother ... every letter i wrote, she got. a year later my brother got a new counsoler or something.. that lady hated our foster mom and my little brother told her that he wanted to contact me.. she allowed him to call me, so my brother did some research on his free time and found my number on the internet and then called me..
he was supposed to be released jun 28 this year, he called me on jun 24th.. so i gave him our real dad's phone number..

(the foster mom was gonna bring my little brother back around the kids that they accused him of molesting.. she wanted his social security checks ,and the money that he woulda made working a job.. our foster mom is getting her grand kids from the state because the mom went crazy and became a violent drunk..so our foster mom was going to get money from the state for having her 2 grandkids as foster kids....she then wanted to bring my brother back around them kids so she could get his checks too.. she was going to lie and say the grand kids were in one state when they were in another.. so the state wouldnt know about the kids being around a child molester..)

i gave my brother our dads number, he called him up and my dad said he could go home.. so the plans were to release my brother to my dad...
everything was a go .. we was saving up for his ticket to go from florida to illinois ( im still in hawaii after i got out of the army , planning to move to illinois as well, just dont have the funds rite now)
my foster mom hadnt heard from my brother in a few weeks so she called to see why he hadnt called her, she was told that my brother didnt want to go back with her ,and that he was going to his real dad and that they have nothing to do with her.. she was mad and called me cursing at me and talking crap, at 23 years old she still telling me to get my butt home and that im in trouble and she is gonna kick my a$$ and that im gonna be grounded and that she's gonna take my drivers liscense and that i wont be allowed to drive and have friends... its funny... im 23 years old and she's telling me this crap over the phone .

my brother was moved to a release transitioning facilitiy ? he was supposed to be released last week, they was waiting for a judge to approve the release.. for some reason the judge rejected his release and now they are waiting for another hearing... my dad is a felon , everything was good till a judge in florida called a judge in illinois to confirm something..

how sits now is , the juvenile sex offender program my brother was in was shut down to state budget cuts.. that program expired the day they released him to a transitional facility.. so he is either gonna get released to my dad, or they are gonna put him adult prison .. which i dont understand why.. the past 4 years he's been locked up and doing good.

i dont realy know whats all going on, but it seems to be another inside job by our foster parents .. once again.. doing what ever to ruin our lives and get us back in their house so they can siphon our money from us.

sorry for the long post... it can clearly be seen that our foster mom/sister are doing "inside " jobs... i mean they were taking my money while i was in the army,the army wouldnt allow me to call my real dad even though i was 18 !
it seems to me a lot people were on a payroll to do all this crap.. even with my liscense!

is there any one i can call to see what it realy going on with my little brother, to see why the judge rejected his release ?

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Old 03-01-2013, 03:51 PM  
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I know it's a bit late but turn about is fair play. You can fix it simply by accusing your foster mother of molesting you. I know it sounds strange but you have until 28 years old to accuse her. That will give you some leverage and get her to admit other bad deeds that she has done hopefully, but it will prevent her from continuing to be a foster mother. after all, that is one of the goals.
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