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discuss--it is my birthday--chinese believe it was a critical day of change--i go with that.

--no, they should not build a mosque near the Twin Towers

--good job on building the new building and the memorial

--like what they did in PA

--glad the firefighters weren't offended that they weren't invited to the big thing to commerorate 911. classy guys---(((people like that)))

--more needs to be done---much more

---yes, we have to be critical in analyzing each other now--the bad apples have done a great deal of damage to the world

--I supported GW---think he was right about Iraq

--Cheney--a man i don't really understand----he was right about some things--not too happy about how the corporations benefited--don't involve myself in the corporate world if i can help it.

--lowly government employee--the lowest of the low--public school teacher--yeah, we know --Education--political football for a couple of centuries now.

we do what we can-some don't-others give all they have and would do more if they had the slightest support--teachers are killed and some damaged severely from the stress. unless the military wants to help out--come and restore law and order--i don't know what else teachers can do.

if 'they'/students say--'I will not'---and parents support that--it makes the job much more difficult--infinitely more difficult.

whispering--the good teachers are working miracles--always have and always will. it is a Profession, i can assure---deathly serious profession. inside the profession we hold each other accountable---really we do. we crack hard on those who are not dedicated to serving children as they deserve to be served---all children--each and every one of them. our future

Christa MacAuliffe--I touch the future, I Teach. at any rate that is what was expected of me and how i did my JOB. rewarding at times--and many nights i cried.

then i went back and did what i could until i was satisfied. i am a bit of a perfectionist--not easy to satisfy myself.

lol---i didn't always take good care of myself---that is very important--

walking is something i do a lot of these days--drink water and don't sweat the small stuff--some things are not 'small' and i focus on those things ---'Seriously, Seeking Susan'----lol one forum went insane when I abbreviated that--'SSS'. we argued for over an hour about that.

i wouldn't change my mind--in context of the post--'SSS' stood for 'Seriously Seeking Susan'. told everyone to take a chill pill and went away for a while.

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It's just another day to me, I got it off this year, I then did nothing.

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Originally Posted by Austin View Post
It's just another day to me, I got it off this year, I then did nothing.
so bad, austin, so bad. i don't know what to think of you.

bring me a birthday cake next year--i like sugar-free, lowest of low carb delicacies--Rainbow Grocery---they have some good options--

won't bother to learn to go completely low carb/sugar free

i eat vegetables and drink water---and try not to listen to Boortz, Hannity--Fox News, CNN

just listen to my music and dance.

walk my dog

works for me

i am 'insane', fyi. absolutely more insane than Boortz--have heard him for over 30 years--i advise others to avoid this poor choice. sigh

living in the ATL--times are certainly hard here--Cox Broadcasting's fault, jmo.

i met a guy from Austin at Right Nation--very nice--you seem to be a lot like him--some hope for the world--a few really nice people
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