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Old 11-20-2010, 12:56 PM  
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Poker - Online or Live?

I guess this would also fall into the 'hobby' category as I dont play seriously (well sort of) and I rarely play for 'real money', most of my games are Freerolls or the friendly home game with friends. (Or the weekly poker club games)

I must say, that I almost always prefer a live game to playing online, but both have their pros and cons. Playing live, you get to interact with people enjoy a cold beverage and just get to people watch in general. The downside to this is, sometimes you get 'shady' individuals (even worse at a real $$$ game) and people with BAD POKER ETIQUETTE. Sure you have the noob who is still unfamiliar with the game, but the repeat offenders that continue to act out of turn, splash the pot, string bet, dont pay attention etc, make me really not want to play in live games sometimes. I guess this is especially common with me, as most of my friends only like to play poker when I am present (with all of my stuff)

Online poker, it seems that the worst you have to deal with are the occasional loudmouths(typers) and donks who play rags and continually win with them. But, my HUGEST complaint about online poker is the 'conspiracy' factor. I honestly believe there are one or two sites that LOVE to show off 'pretty hands' and actually reward junk hands (possibly to entice the donks who see this and ultimately spend their $$$ thinking they can get away with playing **** hands) I guess Im just frustrated right now, as the 2nd hand I played in this last freeroll I lost my arse with pocket Kings. He had 2 4 off suit and he WON. What made it even worse was watching him catch the straight on the turn, and rubbing it in even further with an even HIGHER straight on the river! I have seen 3 royal flushes on this site (one was mine) but never seen one in the wild.

What are your thoughts on Live Poker vs. Online Poker?

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Old 11-22-2010, 12:34 PM  
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Live poker … if you want to get know somebody – play a poker for half an hour with … it is worth, even if loose some money …
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