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Pinal county animal control is neglectful, and no one cares.

Well, no politicians at least.

Pinal county animal control is a disaster. They made national news a little while ago for "accidentally" putting down a dog that was a military working dog, here is a link if you are interested.

As a dog in war-torn Afghanistan, Target survived an explosion set off by a suicide bomber she had fought off, potentially saving dozens of soldiers' lives. But Target could not survive her time in the care of Pinal County's Animal Control division.
Target, brought to the San Tan Valley area southeast of Phoenix by a soldier who befriended her in Afghanistan, was accidentally euthanized Monday morning.
Read more: Soldier's heroic dog, brought from Afghanistan, mistakenly euthanized

They also created quite a stir recently when the director told a local rescue group trying to pull a mother pit and her pups "i'll kill all these dogs". here are some articles describing that mess, although the dogs did get pulled that time.

Pinal Animal Shelter Inhumane, Director Needs Ousting | North Country Gazette

Animal Shelter That Killed Target, Hero Dog, At It Again | North Country Gazette

?In the meantime, Rhonda is begging ACO Chavaz for a fair assessment. Chavaz then gets clearly agitated and says he will call the sheriff. I told him to go ahead and call because this mom deserves an assessment and we will not leave knowing they will kill her once we are gone. Chavaz at this time is yelling and verbally attacking both me and Jason, telling us that they don?t need to answer to anyone and the dogs will die once we leave.
So that brings us to this week. If I treated my dog the way they treat the dogs in the shelter I would be arrested for animal cruelty. Below are 2 photos of the same dog after a short time in the shelter. The shelter refuses to provide veterinary care for any of the animals in their possession.



and the story from one of the volunteers who networks these dogs on facebook.

This should not happen.
I'm the person that picked him up at the shelter yesterday. I am still very raw and emotional about Phoenix. This should not have happened. If any of us denied our animals medical care and allowed them to reach this point, we would at minimum be cited and more than likely featured on the evening news for animal cruelty. That this was allowed to happen at a county operated shelter is beyond egregious.

Phoenix will be remembered, not for how he lived - but for how he died. But his death will not be in vain. The volunteers of the facebook page Pinal County Shelter Animals Need You have been discussing for some time the need for actual BEDS for the animals. Right now, the best they have is a blanket on the concrete. And in many of their photos on FB - they don't even have that. Cold, damp floors combined with the cold temperatures are conducive to the spread of preventable disease. We are going ahead with a drive to raise funds for Kuranda beds for the shelter - without waiting for the shelter administration. We will post the information when we have the details worked out. Phoenix's name will forever be remembered for the good he did for the shelter animals.

RIP sweet boy. I will cherish the time I spent with you yesterday. I only wish I knew you needed help sooner. You were loved. And you will be remembered.

If you have a minute to send off your feelings of the operation of this organization please use the following email addresses.

Pinal County Supervisors:

Pinal County animal control:

our sheriff is considering a run for congress, but I can't find an email address, only the contact form on his site.

Contact | Paul for Congress Exploratory Committee

Thank you for taking time to read my rant, and I have an extreme gratitude for anyone willing to help our cause by contacting our county supervisors. or better yet, adopting a shelter dog or cat.
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