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Old 07-26-2012, 05:21 PM  
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replacing Struts

I have an 04 Toyota Matrix aprox 140k on her. I think it is time to sink some serious money into it and keep her going. I have a laundry list of things I need to do. I am a rather handy guy taking 4 years of Auto shop in HS and working on a few race cars over the years.

Is it worth it to try and replace your own struts? I watched a few youtube vids and one guy kept saying I am going to show you how but you should just take it to a mechanic because they have better tools. I don't have any air tools, but I got a lowes card and they sell them there. I have a small Porter-Cable pancake compressor. I don't know if it can handle running an impact gun for a long time.

I hate paying someone to do work I could be doing myself. I have a jack and stands and what not. So I would just need the spring compressors and the air tools. Plus I like buying more tools (What man doesn't need more tool or guns?)...

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Get yourself (or rent at your local auto store) an electric impact wrench. (if thats what you need) I know my air tools are/were invaluable when I need them. But they can be air hogs (for smaller tanks)

I say do it yourself but remember SAFETY is paramount. I had to redo the entire front end of my cars with no experience. Just take your time, mark/organize your parts, and research help where you can. A penny saved in this economy will be more valuable tomorrow.

Good luck!
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