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Originally Posted by sirquack View Post
I to have worked for various industrial supply houses since the 80's, including one that is now owned by Praxair, if your've heard of them. There are two main types of CO2 used in the industry beyond what is used for medical, "Beverage Grade" and then everything else. The difference between the two is that beverage grade CO2 has less TRS, and HC, gasses in it, such as H2S, CS2 ect... if you want stinky (farty smelling) beer use whatever you want, I've been down that road before and have been brewing for 20+ years.

Yup. There's more than one grade of CO2. Mil-spec, beverage grade, industrial...

Originally Posted by Ziggy89 View Post
Not sure if anyone is going to read this because it is a old thread but here it goes anyway. I recently purchased a Kegerator and wanted to know where I could get the co2 bottle that came with it filled. I ran across this thread the other day and went to Beer Crazy in Clive/Urbandale. The gentleman at the counter when I asked him if they filled co2 said no they did not. I then asked him if he knew where I could get it filled, he said there are a few places in the area and you can find them in the yellow pages. Well that response turned me off to any future business I might have done there.
I ended up going to Fessler Carbonic on E Ovid in Des Moines. They were friendly and took almost no time to fill my co2 tank. The fill cost me under $15. The guy that fills the tanks leaves at 2pm so get there early if you want your tank the same day. Hope this helps someone in the future.
Oh and the place by Orlandos pizza is closed and boarded up.
So how does the beer taste? Farty smelling or clear?

Алекс says don't drink and derive
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