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Elderly woman blasted with pepper spray: How the photo happened

5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn?t Watch the CBS News Debate
November 12, 2011
By Jason Easley

Michele Bachmann uses a foreign policy debate to declare that America should be like China and not have food stamps, Social Security, and Medicare along with four other reasons to be glad you missed the CBS News Republican debate.

1). Everybody But Ron Paul Wants War With Iran? It was the first question of the debate. Herman Cain was asked about Iran, and his answer was energy independence, a.k.a. drill, baby drill. Mitt Romney called Iran Obama?s biggest failure, and believes that Obama should have built a ?credible threat? of military action against Iran. Gingrich would assassinate Iranian scientists through covert action, and in general everyone on that stage who answered the question and wasn?t named Ron Paul was in favor of war with Iran.

2). Michele Bachmann Predicts Worldwide Nuclear War Against Israel ? With absolutely no evidence to support her conspiracy theory, Michele Bachmann predicted that there will be worldwide nuclear war against Israel. Bachmann also claimed that Obama will stand with Occupy Wall Street, but not Israel. (Toot-Toot. Look out everybody, the Crazy Eyes Express has gone totally off its rails).

3). Newt Gingrich Confirms That The GOP Has Agreed Not To Attack Each Other- Gingrich was asked about criticisms of Romney that he made during a radio show yesterday, and he refused to talk about them today. His reasoning was yesterday I was on a radio show, but today I am at a debate. In Republican Land every one of these candidates can defeat Obama, so what has long been suspected really is true. The Republican candidates seem to have agreed not to attack each other during the debates. (If this is the case they should gift wrap the nomination, and hand it to Romney now).

4). Herman Cain Wants To Bring Back Torture ? In response to a question from a Vietnam vet who opposes torture, Herman Cain said that he would bring back torture, but only if we call it enhanced interrogation techniques. Michele Bachmann took it to another level and promised to bring back waterboarding because Obama wants to the lose the War on Terror. Ron Paul pointed out that torture is illegal and the Republican audience got sour and quiet. Jon Huntsman said waterboarding is torture. Sadly, these two voices of sanity were outnumbered on stage by candidates who want to return us the ?Good ol? days? of George W. Bush.

5). Michele Bachmann Wants To Turn America Into China- Seriously, Bachmann used China as a role model to claim that the Chinese don?t have Social Security, Medicare, or food stamps. Bachmann wants to compete with the Chinese by turning America?s poor and elderly into starving peasants.

Winners and Losers:


1). Mitt Romney ? As long as his opponents refuse to challenge him, Mitt Romney will continue to skate by in these debates by running a general election campaign against Obama during the primary season. The question is, will his Obama bashing get stale by the time he gets to the fall campaign?

2). Ron Paul ? For Republicans who don?t yearn for a return to the Bush administration, there was Ron Paul. At times, Paul and Huntsman were the only two candidates on the stage who argued for a common sense foreign policy that wasn?t based on appealing to the blood lust of the debate audience. Paul always shines most when he can separate himself from the pack, and on foreign policy Ron Paul stands alone in the GOP.

3). Newt Gingrich ? The polling is all over the place, but when the eventual Herman Cain collapse comes, Gingrich stands to benefit. Like Cain, Gingrich has got the art of delivering cheap applause lines down to a science.

4). Rick Perry ? My, oh, my look at what happens when a candidate actually studies for a debate. Perry scored big with his all foreign aid starts at zero. Perry had a few days to prepare his jokes about his debate meltdown earlier in the week and he pulled it off well. Perry is still most likely doomed, but he rebounded well tonight.


1). Herman Cain ? Herb was way out of his league. Everyone else on that stage was better prepared than Cain, and it showed. Cain did nothing to dispel the impression that he is 2012?s Sarah Palin. I also wonder if the amount of time Cain is spending on his sexual harassment scandal is taking its toll.

2). Jon Huntsman ? Huntsman made a joke about it being lonely down here in Siberia. That is really all you need to know about how much he was involved in this debate. Huntsman gave great answers on foreign policy, but he is a Republican from another era, and he has no place in the current GOP. His support of the Ryan plan means that Democrats will dislike him just as much as Republicans do.

3). Michele Bachmann ? Bachmann was another candidate who has become an afterthought. How low has Bachmann fallen? She was reduced to attacking Ron Paul for in her eyes not supporting the death of Bin Laden. Bachmann?s attack on Paul backfired on her as he turned the tables on her with his reply. She was desperate and pulling out the full crazy with the worldwide nuclear attack on Israel, and her desire to emulate China. Bachmann is just playing out the string until she quits after she loses Iowa.

4). Rick Santorum ? Nothing to see here. As with all the other lower tier candidates, Santorum got a bit of airtime early on then was never really seen again. Rick Santorum isn?t presidential material. If was smart, he would quit now. But as we in Pennsylvania know from personal experience, Rick Santorum is not smart so off to Iowa he goes.

Verdict: The dullness continues. Debates can be intellectually stimulating without candidates attacking each other, but when all the candidates have few or no ideas, these debates are nearly coma inducing. Six of the eight Republican candidates all promised a return to the policies of George W. Bush. The two that didn?t (Paul and Huntsman) have no chance of winning. Apparently, the policy of the 2012 candidates for GOP nomination is the same as their domestic policy. When all else fails, bash Obama. None of these candidates looked presidential, and having Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint toss softballs at them, didn?t help. This debate was so bad that CBS shipped it off to the Internet for the last 30 minutes. An informed electorate is vital, but CBS made the correct and compassionate call by making the hurting stop.
The telephones in seattlepi.com?s newsroom are ringing like crazy today. That?s not uncommon in a newsroom, but there?s something different about today?s calls. More often than not, you?ll pick up the phone and hear something like this: ?I wanted to ask about the pepper-spray picture.?

The photo was taken Tuesday evening by seattlepi.com photographer Joshua Trujillo at an Occupy Seattle protest at Westlake Park. The elderly woman featured in the photo was pepper sprayed by police just moments before.

The picture, showing Rainey?s face streaked with pepper spray, tears and a milky solution used to combat the spray, has connected with readers and bloggers across the country.

The Atlantic Wire called it a ?defining image.? The Washington Post likened it to John Filo?s Pulitzer-winning picture of the 1970 massacre at Kent State, saying ?Although there have been many striking images of violence and peace in Occupy encampments, and many faces of the movement, none may be as immediately striking as this image of Dorli Rainey, taken by Joshua Trujillo.?

Elderly woman blasted with pepper spray: How the photo happened | Seattle's Big Blog - seattlepi.com... /
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