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As far as pics go I don't have a camera that will post pics
no good honey will not spoil ,, they have found honey that is thousands of years old and can still be eaten ,, but if the moisture content is above 17 % it will ferment and when that happens it gets a sour taste and no then its not wine. this spring I will have 5 hives if all works out the way I want .. a good number of the bees were flying today . the wife came in to tell me one was up by the front door of the house ..
You really want to check them on a weekly thing as they swarm if you don't add boxes and if not watched they don't seem to do very good ..
I got my first hive from a bee supply , and ordered a package of bees . after that I had my son make the hive and all but the frames ,, the frames are a lot of crap to make ,,
I played with bees when I was 4 years old , and wanted them from about 8-9 but at that age not much I could do .. after I got older were I lived ,, no bees aloud ,, after I moved were I could have bees ,, no time ,, never home , and things going on ,, Sept of 05 , a big change in our live ,, Nov 05 my wife and all the kids told me , """ YOUR GETTING BEES """" and so came bees .. last Dec I told them ,, no more bees . they told me bees were here to stay ,because when I work the hive I get more relaxed then with any thing else . and I'm that way for days ,,, I'm not up set about being told There here to stay , in fact they made my day , now I know my wife wants me to have bees ,, she has always helped with them , but didn't know if she enjoyed them , now she has told me she enjoys them as much as I do ...

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This is a very good thing!

Алекс says don't drink and derive
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